Old Souls

Has society taken a turn for the worse? In many ways I think it has. Women have forgotten what’s beautiful about being a woman. They’ve forgotten how to be graceful and classy. They’ve forgotten how to treat a man; how to appreciate a man. And men have forgotten how to court a woman; how to make her feel treasured and valued. It’s rare now to meet a man who instinctively opens doors for her (after the first couple dates), pumps her gas, and tries to lighten her load, both metaphorically and literally.

And what has technology done to us as a society? People are addicted to text messaging (I’m guilty of it too). But high school boys rely on it to ask girls out. Gone are the days of working up the nerve to call a girl and ask her to prom. Of stammering on the phone, and being horrified at the mess of words that are coming from your mouth as a result of being so nervous… And then realizing that it didn’t kill you, and you could probably do it again someday, maybe a little smoother next time. What’s going to happen to the generation of young people who can hide behind their gadgets and devices, rather than developing confidence in themselves (as well as humility).

My generation is a far cry from that of our grandparents, ‘The Greatest Generation’. A handshake doesn’t hold the same promise. A man’s word is worth nothing more than the air it’s uttered into. Now we demand that everything be put in writing and signed, in order for it to hold up in court. It’s a time of contracts and prenuptial agreements and more lawsuits than the courts can handle. How did we as a society become this? It’s also an era of convenience. Why do the work yourself when you could hire someone to do it for you? All it takes is a phone call. We have internet access on hand-held devices, and anything we need is accessible with the touch of a few buttons. The fact is we are lazy!

But the picture is not completely bleak. Every once in a while I meet someone who restores my faith in mankind:  an ‘old soul’. Maybe they had a Brady Bunch style childhood and an overall good life. Maybe not.  But maybe their moral fiber has led to a lifetime of challenges, because often the right path is not the easy path. And maybe they have been burned by others, but they’ve resisted the urge to adopt the look-out-for-number-one mentality that so many others have. These people have strength of character and usually a rock solid foundation of faith. They are inspiring.

As a woman who wants a family one day, I hope to spend my life with a man who is one of those ‘old souls’.  This man is not afraid of a hard day’s work.  He wants a family one day and looks forward to being a part of something larger than himself.  This man will have spent time thinking about how he will raise his children to know the importance of hard work and the value of a dollar. This man will think to check the oil in his wife’s car before she leaves for a long drive. He will cherish the trust that his wife has for him, and would never compromise it. This man will be grateful to have found a woman who wants to cook for him and do the household chores that he despised as a bachelor, simply because she wants to make his life a little easier, a little warmer.  He will ask his wife to dance when her favorite song plays. This man’s family will be his legacy…his own little empire that he can sit back and admire as he grows into old age.

Finding one of these old souls is a blessing.