Sorry but no, we don’t have a right to choose.

Maybe it’s because of the presidential election taking place right now, but you can’t read the news anymore without seeing something about women’s rights. And most of it I agree with. I do want equal pay for the same job. I don’t want more generations of young women growing up in a world that dehumanizes them and sees them as a sexual object. So yes, women’s rights…

But what about women’s responsibilities? All we ever hear about is who deserves what. We never hear about what people are responsible for anymore.

Women, we are not the same as men. By definition then, we are not equal. We’re not less. We’re different. We are the sex who has the ability to bear children. That’s a pretty amazing gift in my opinion, and one that I’d be envious of if I were a man.

Women talk about our right to choose. How blessed are we that we can choose to have a baby (God willing)? But guess what. We also have a responsibility. We are fully aware of how babies are created. We are fully aware of the consequences of our sexual actions. We are fully capable of NOT creating a baby if we don’t want one. There are plenty of methods for avoiding pregnancy, which I don’t need to spell out for anyone here. And if we should have an “oops”, we are fully capable of STILL preventing a pregnancy, and we’re fully capable of finding out if we’re pregnant very early on.

So I’m talking to adult women here, and I’m talking about normal circumstances. There is NO GOOD REASON that a late-term abortion should happen, and yet they still happen by the thousands. 27.4 per day in this country. That’s more than 1 per hour. That means that EVERY HOUR in this country, a baby who is developed enough to feel pain just as intensely as you and I do is killed. In less than 1% of cases, it’s because of rape or incest. In less than 3% of cases, it’s because the baby has health problems. In the remaining 96% of cases, it’s because it’s inconvenient to the mother. To be more specific, it’s because of:

• Inadequate finances
• Not ready for responsibility
• Woman’s life would be changed too much
• Problems with relationships, unmarried
• Too young and/or immature
• Children are grown; she has all she wants

Please let that sink in for a minute, and then ask yourself if you’re ok with it. Of course there’s a gray area that no one really knows what to do with. For example, the mother’s life is in danger, or a teen got pregnant due to rape and was too scared to tell anyone until the pregnancy was obvious. Those are awful situations and I wouldn’t judge a girl/woman who had to make a really tough decision like that.

But those situations are so rare. Even in most cases of rape, a woman can prevent the pregnancy or terminate it very early on. There’s no reason why she wouldn’t/shouldn’t know she was pregnant.

For a lot of people, this presidential election has been a nightmare. For me, the nightmare is because I cannot bring myself to vote for Hillary Clinton given her stance on abortion. Let me be clear. I don’t have any illusions that abortion will disappear someday or that Roe v. Wade will be overturned. I just want people to recognize what is being done to the most helpless… the most innocent members of our society. Doctors aren’t certain exactly when a baby develops the ability to feel pain. Most say it’s after 20 weeks. Some say it’s as early as 8 weeks. Hillary Clinton says it doesn’t matter. The woman’s right to choose what happens to her body takes precedence for Hillary. She says she wants abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare”. But a quick review of her voting record will show you that Hillary doesn’t reside in the gray area like most people. She has supported abortion up to full term, and not just for the health of the mother, but for those reasons I listed above as well.

She also votes in support of stem cell research on aborted babies. In case you don’t know what that means, let me educate you quickly. Dixogin is a substance that is injected into an unborn baby’s heart to give the baby a fatal heart attack. The claim is that the baby will die painlessly (although those who have experienced a massive heart attack describe them as extremely painful). A few days later, the deceased baby is removed from the mother. However, if the baby’s tissues are going to be used for stem cell research, dixogin is skipped because it poisons the tissues and makes them useless to researchers. So instead, the baby is just pulled apart alive.

I hope your stomach churns when you read that. Mine does. Every single time. There were medieval torture practices that sound very similar, except that they were used on men who were assumed to be guilty of some heinous crime. But society recognized that those practices were too horrendous and we’ve stopped them. But it continues now on our most helpless and most innocent. I hope the thought of that makes you as sick as it makes me. The practices we use to execute murderers are more humane than what we do to PAIN CAPABLE babies.

And Hillary Clinton supports all of it. She calls it women’s rights. I call it bullshit.

Women, we have a RESPONSIBILITY, not a right to choose. If you shirk your responsibility, and wind up in your second or third trimester of a pregnancy that you don’t want, it’s your own damn fault, and that baby deserves better than a horrendous death at your irresponsible hands. Look into adoption.

Back to the nightmare of this presidential election. I don’t want to vote for Donald Trump. I really, really, really don’t. (I’ve been praying the GOP figures out how to remove Trump and replace him ASAP.) But I WON’T vote for a candidate who takes the stance Hillary takes on abortion. If she were even pro-choice except for late term, I’d vote for her over Trump. But she’s not. She’s pro-choice up to full term, and she supports stem cell research. Why is that not unacceptable to more people?!?! Tell me one other issue that’s more important than this. More important than life. More important than protecting the innocent who can’t protect themselves. If you can name one, you and I have nothing in common.

I wrote this today because this has been on my mind every single day for months now. Every single day, Hillary gets closer to the presidency, and closer to influencing decades and decades of new legislation, not only because of the presidency but because the new president will be likely be appointing 4 Supreme Court Justices.

In the time it took me to write this, another baby was killed. And felt everything.